Women Association | Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

Women Physicians of APPNA or WAPPNA is an organization formed by women physician members of APPNA  for the purpose of empowering women and children WAPPNA ( Women Physicians of APPNA ) was formally approved as an auxiliary organization of APPNA , with its own own unique charter, mission statement, constitution and Executive council, in April 2008 at the APPNA spring meeting in Dallas.It works under the umbrella of its parent organization APPNA with the same tax id. It is a secular organization which opens its doors to all women physicians of Pakistani descent regardless of color, religion and other orientations. This organization was formed for the following main purposes:


  1. Provide a forum for North American Women Physicians of Pakistani Descent to network professionally and socially.
  2. Identify, Initiate and Carry out projects for the social and economic betterment of women and children of Pakistan & North America.
  3. Hold meetings , coinciding with the APPNA meetings, to discuss the various social, medical and economic issues faced by women & children of the world.




It's your call for an action, join us to be part of a strong and supportive cause...