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WAPPNA ( Women Physicians of APPNA ) was formally approved as an auxiliary organization of APPNA , with its own own unique charter, mission statement, constitution and Executive council, in April 2008 at the APPNA spring meeting in Dallas.


  1. A report commissioned by WAPPNA on the plight of Internally Displaced People by the Afghan war and the war on terror. This report was presented by WAPPNA to the US State Department .
  2. Financially supported Julian Center, which is a shelter for South Asian women and children in Indiana.
  3. Financial support provided to a children’s school in a village near Rawalpindi, Pakistan to provide a computer lab for the children. This was a school for undeserved children.
  4. Financial support provided to an apartment in Detroit Michigan for incoming women resident physicians. Also a Van sponsored by WAPPNA members Humeraa Qamar and Naheed Chaudhry for the residents staying in the apartment.
  5. Inviting prominent Pakistani American professionals to the Annual WAPPNA meeting and creating a forum where they can be introduced to the WAPPNA membershi
  6. Flood relief projects in Pakistan
  7. Clean water supply in collaboration with a local organization in Sind
  8. Asian Human rights Commission report,which highlighted the atrocities committed in Pakistan, on women and children during the war on terrorism
  9. Scholarships to medical and Pharmacy students in Pakistan
  10. Paticipation in Amnesty International and Human Watch meeting
  11. Collaboration with APPNA to organize the first Youth Conference in New York in 2010
  12. Meetings and discussions with the US State Dept. ans US Lawmakers to facilitate Pak-US relations
  13. Financial support for “Razia Zohra Memorial Training Institute in Jhang, Pakistan




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