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   Rabia Awan MD

I am delighted to be a part of this esteemed organization of female physicians of APPNA. I was motivated to join this organization because of the platform it offers to empower women and children. Being the mother of three daughters and having three sisters I have always been an advocate of women’s rights. Witnessing child labor in Pakistan and other poor countries always motivated me to make a difference in the lives of children and women.

I have worked on my own until this point, especially with helping young girls achieve their educational goals and helping them financially for their marriages. I have also established APPNA Ghar for women in New Jersey. However, I believe with this platform we will be able to enact greater change for the benefit of many more women.

At this point, my children are older so I have a little bit more time to invest in my goal of helping women on a larger scale, which has been my dream for a while.

I want to set up a health screening clinic in Pakistan for those who don’t have any access to medical facilities by providing free screening tests for cervical cancer. We can save lives with a simple test called a PAP smear if done at the appropriate time. Cervical cancer is curable and diagnosable with a simple, low-cost test. I don’t believe any woman should die of cervical cancer.

Planning and execution of Social Welfare, health care and education projects here and in Pakistan benefiting all women under the premise that such projects will also help children and hence benefit the next generation.

I would also like to set up mammogram screening, as early detection can make a big difference in a woman’s life expectancy.

I have spoken to the president of Rawalpindi Medical School who is cooperative in this joint venture. They have the personnel and we may provide the resources.


I would like to have fundraising at some point during my tenure to complete this project. I would greatly appreciate your help to fulfill my dream and help save and improve the lives of women.



Rabia Awan, MD

President 2017

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